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octajo's Journal

the price to play the game
-jo names, 2gether, 2xl, air, all your base, all-american rejects, alternative, animal crackers, apple pie, atom and his package, being 17, being immature, big pants, biology, breakfast, calculus, capri pants, christmas, clothes that fit, colors, comedy central, connecticut, cosmo girl, crying, cty, dashboard confessional, dead poets society, deadsy, death of a salesman, debate, del amitri, disney world, driving, driving!, drop factor, dumb movies, east to west g, eiffel 65, emo, english muffins, enrique iglesias, fight club, flavored lip gloss, florida, frogs, frozen yogurt, fuel, game shows, ghostwriter, going to the gym, gorillaz, green day, gummi bears, guys, holland, home, hoodies, hot chocolate, hugs, inside jokes, jimmy eat world, jon stewart, keeping a diary, keyboards, kid a, korean writing, laughing, life, lords of the realm, love, low socks, lyrics, making fun of commercials, malcolm in the middle, meeting new people, memories, motrin, my psychoville shirt, naming things, nerds the candy, new found glory, nickelodeon, not another teen movie, october, office space, old school nintendo, optimism, our lady peace, peace, people, pete and pete, pizza, poetry, pop punk, prom dresses, quotes, randomness, rap, reading, roller blading, sam i am, scary looking happy face, school, seth green, singing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smiles, smoothies, snow days, south park, spanish, spring, stifler's little brother, straight hair, strong bad, sugar, summer, surprises, swing dance, talking on the phone, techno, teen girl squad, the future, the letter l, the n, the phantom tollbooth, the point, the sunscreen song, the word flip, the word yo, they might be giants, trigger happy tv, wandering during lunch, warm weather, writing songs, www.iknoweverything.com, you