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Hah strep throat again. But I guess it's not that weird cuz they said a lot of people have been getting sick lately and once you get sick you might have lower resistance. But what's good is I'm getting the medicine earlier than i did last time. My throat doesnt even really hurt that much, not nearly like before. I just feel feverish and lightheaded. The other good thing is this medicine doesnt have to be taken on an empty stomach, the one before i was supposed to wait 4 hours after eating and 1 hour before. I tried to but personally, I don't usually go 5 hours without eating unless I'm asleep especially during the summer cuz i dont usually eat meals.

HAHA and I'm supposed to eat yogurt every day so that I don't become *too* bacteria free. lol. I'm not supposed to see anyone for 24 hours which sucks because I just got back from vacation but at least I'll feel better by then.

My house... constant hammering and things falling off the roof and assorted sounds that are kind of creepy. I'm glad nothing fell on my head when i walked through the door. I wanna take a shower but there are ladders by all the windows and guys climbing up and down. Pulling out of the driveway was also nerve-wracking. I'm still glad to be home though, back where I belong.
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